We are Blood Brothers: a design studio creating immersive experiences in the realm of intelligent visual art and playful technologies.

We have a strong interest in performances, installations and music. We are designers, art directors, curators, inspectors, coders, technologists, outdoor enthusiasts, music lovers and brothers. We offer a full service from idea to implementation and are backed by an extensive network of light designers, photographers, videographers, musicians, artist managers, teachers, sound designers, sound engineers, product designers, tech planners, tech providers, promoters, fashion designers, editors, sfx artists, cultural scientists, illustrators, carpenters, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, prop builders, directors, cameramen, copywriters.

Our journey started with the organisation of a music festival in our hometown. From there our focus shifted to design as a way of enriching cultural endeavours. We now live in Berlin and Hamburg and are available to work worldwide.

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