Concept and design of stage and stage visuals for Hamburg based electronic pop duo Hundreds. Technical concept, pre-production and support on tour as video operator.

Ongoing project with more than 150 shows since 2011 in Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia, Iceland, UK and USA.

We did concept, design and animation. We also developed the projection setup which was meant to be as unique as possible and at the same time flexible enough to fit into venues with very different layouts and sizes.

The challenge was to considerably enrich the concert experience while not outshining the band's performance. Our personal goal was to establish stage visuals as abstract as possible but at the same time always with a strong and clear link to the lyrics and music. 




Collaboration with Alexander Trattler of Elektropastete
Additional illustration: Christina Serowski
Additional animation: Atelyeah

Light: Johannes Glöde
Costumes: Howitzweissbach
Sound: André Karius

Live Photos: 2 + 4) Andreas Hornoff, 3) Michael Schock, 5) Lisa-Marie Steinberg
Behind the Scenes Photos: Tobias Volker, Jeremias Volker, Johannes Glöde